Cupcake Bouquets


Cake Pops

Painted Cookies

Cakes for Every Occasion

  1. Unicorn
    Fondant unicorn cake with light pink and gold accenting and buttercream mane.
  2. Designer Brand
    Designer Brand
    Vogue magazines, Porsche model, Tiffany box, Hermes box, Chanel purse, Tory Burch bracelet, sugar flower accents.
  3. Minecraft
    3D Alex with armour, Minecraft cake, and Alex's sword with pixel effect.
  4. Flower Wreath
    Flower Wreath
    Buttercream cake with a wreath topper in a variety of flowers and colours.
  5. Star Wars
    Star Wars
    Set of buttercream sheet cakes with fondant accents. Chewbacca on left, Stormtrooper on right.
  6. Star Wars
    Star Wars
    Fondant covered "galaxy effect" cake with Yoda and Death Star cake toppers.
  7. Star Wars Toppers
    Star Wars Toppers
    Gum paste Yoda and fondant covered Rice Krispie treat Death Star toppers with airbrushing.
  8. Pokemon
    Bulbasaur and Ivysaur fondant characters on a green buttercream petal effect cake with airbrushing.
  9. BB-8
    Personal sized Star Wars cake with buttercream petal effect in orange with an edible cake topper.
  10. Rapunzel
    Personal sized Rapunzel cake with buttercream roses in purple with an edible cake topper.
  11. Christmas Manger
    Christmas Manger
    Buttercream cake with manger scene topper; angel, 3 wise men, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and donkey.
  12. Manger Cake Topper
    Manger Cake Topper
    Gum paste Christmas manger scene topper; angel, 3 wise men, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and donkey.
  13. Navy Meringue Drip
    Navy Meringue Drip
    White cake with navy white chocolate drip with meringue and silver candy accents.
  14. Piggy
    Light pink buttercream piggy face cake with fondant accents.
  15. Superhero
    2-tier fondant covered cake: Spiderman board, Batman 1st tier, Hulk 2nd tier, and Capt. America shield topper.
  16. Pirate
    2-tier fondant covered pirate theme cake with sugar paste treasure chest cake topper and sword through cake.
  17. Treasure Chest Topper
    Treasure Chest Topper
    Sugar paste topper for a pirate theme cake.
  18. PAW Patrol
    PAW Patrol
    Fondant covered Chase theme cake with sugar paste cake topper.
  19. Chase Cake Topper
    Chase Cake Topper
    Sugar Paste figurine from PAW Patrol.
  20. Giant Cupcake
    Giant Cupcake
    White and pink with gold accents, and a white chocolate cupcake liner.
  21. Superhero #4
    Superhero #4
    Superhero cake for a child turning 4. Includes Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and 3D Hulk fist.
  22. Thomas & Friends
    Thomas & Friends
    2-tier fondant covered Thomas cake with sugar paste balloon accents.
  23. 3D Pumpkin
    3D Pumpkin
    Fondant covered 3D pumpkin cake with autumn leaf detailing and airbrushing.
  24. Dinosaur
    Dinosaur scene buttercream sheet cake with sugar paste dinosaur figures, trees, and volcano.
  25. Unicorn
    Unicorn theme pink meringue drip cake with sprinkles, white chocolate drip, and colourful meringues, and a glitter cardstock unicorn topper.
  26. Autumn Watercolor
    Autumn Watercolor
    Watercolor effect buttercream cake in autumn colours with a rice paper flower.
  27. The Good Dinosaur
    The Good Dinosaur
    2-tier fondant cake with Spot and Arlo sugar paste figurines. Top tier is modeled after the 'silo'.
  28. Pokemon
    Buttercream cake with fondant Pikachu and accents.
  29. Lego Superhero
    Lego Superhero
    Fondant covered Lego Superhero cake with Lego Scooby & Shaggy sugar paste characters.
  30. Rose Effect
    Rose Effect
    Purple ombre "rose effect" cake with purple glitter cardstock "one".
  31. Guns N Roses Album
    Guns N Roses Album
    Fondant cake with edible image made to resemble Appetite for Destruction album.
  32. Doc McStuffins
    Doc McStuffins
    Disney Doc McStuffins 2-tier, fondant covered cake for a little girl turning 3.
  33. Doc McStuffins
    Doc McStuffins
    Disney Doc McStuffins and friends cake topper.
  34. Truck Smash Cupcake
    Truck Smash Cupcake
    Giant smash cupcake with a blue truck for a baby boy turning 1.
  35. Truck
    Blue truck sheet cake with matching cupcakes featuring plane, train, and auto accents.
  36. Girlie Owl
    Girlie Owl
    Buttercream sheet cake in shades of pink, white, and gray. Fondant bow, eyes, beak, and foot accents.
  37. Flower Wreath
    Flower Wreath
    Buttercream cake with a "rustic" effect and a buttercream floral wreath.
  38. Happy Eid
    Happy Eid
    Cream colour buttercream ribbon cake with ruffle flowers, a flag topper, and gold airbrushing.
  39. Butterfly Meringue
    Butterfly Meringue
    Baby blue buttercream cake with butterfly and meringue accents in yellow, pink, and white.
  40. Batman
    Blue buttercream cake with fondant skyline and batman symbol accents.
  41. Assorted Buttercream
    Assorted Buttercream
    Front: Pink ombre buttercream rose effect cake. Back: 2-tier pink buttercream petal effect cake.
  42. Purple Ombre Rosette
    Purple Ombre Rosette
    Buttercream rosette cake as a bride/groom cutting cake.
  43. Shopkins
    "Handbag Harriet" fondant covered sculpted cake with airbrushing.
  44. Meringue Drip
    Meringue Drip
    Pink meringue drip cake with confetti accents and meringue kisses and swirls.
  45. Thomas & Friends
    Thomas & Friends
    2-tier fondant covered cake with fondant balloon accents.
  46. Thomas & Friends
    Thomas & Friends
    2-tier fondant covered cake with fondant balloon accents.
  47. Shopkins
    Fondant covered "Wishes" cake.
  48. Fairy Garden
    Fairy Garden
    2-tier airbrushed buttercream cake with toadstools, insects, butterflies, flowers, and fairies.
  49. Fairy Garden
    Fairy Garden
    Side View: 2-tier airbrushed buttercream cake with toadstools, insects, butterflies, flowers, and fairies.
  50. Fairy Wings Topper
    Fairy Wings Topper
    "Gelatin art" flower and fairy wings in purple as cake topper.
  51. Spiderman
    Spiderman face cake frosted in red buttercream with black buttercream piping and fondant eyes.
  52. Zoo
    2-tier fondant covered cake with zoo animals for a boy turning 1.
  53. Giraffe Cake Topper
    Giraffe Cake Topper
    Sugar paste giraffe holding the number 1.
  54. Pink Ombre Rosette
    Pink Ombre Rosette
    Cake layers on the inside are the same colours as the buttercream on the outside.
  55. Lego Block
    Lego Block
    Fondant covered with white chocolate candy legos. Name of child is in Lego font.
  56. Lemon Coconut Cake
    Lemon Coconut Cake
    Lemon cake with lemon curd filling, coconut frosting, and topped with lots of toasted coconut.
  57. Harley-Davidson
    Fondant covered cake with printed logo and Rice Krispie treat motorcycle cake topper.
  58. Monster Truck
    Monster Truck
    3 tier "topsy turvy" fondant covered cake with monster truck Rice Krispie treat topper and airbrushed tire tracks.
  59. Campfire
    Buttercream cake with rolled wafers for logs and candy flames. Candle inside flames gives appearance of real fire.
  60. Sofia the First
    Sofia the First
    Two tier fondant covered cake with Sofia crown. Includes large sugar paste bow and printed Sofia character.
  61. Sofia Crown
    Sofia Crown
    Sofia the First crown cake topper made using sugar paste and a Sugarcraft gun.
  62. Giant Cupcake
    Giant Cupcake
    White and light pink, with gold accents. White chocolate cupcake liner.
  63. Orange Theory Fitness
    Orange Theory Fitness
    Fondant covered and airbrushed vanilla sheet cake with vanilla buttercream for opening of fitness centre.
  64. Boston Terrier
    Boston Terrier
    Sheet cake with edible image of dog in black, white, and red buttercream and fondant dog bones.
  65. Rose Smash Cake
    Rose Smash Cake
    Rose effect buttercream cake in different shades of dusty rose.
  66. Rosette Sheet Cake
    Rosette Sheet Cake
    Buttercream rosette sheet cake in black, grey, white, silver, and gold.
  67. Paw Patrol
    Paw Patrol
    Fondant covered Paw Patrol cake for a child turning 4.
  68. Club16 Trevor Linden
    Club16 Trevor Linden
    Fondant covered vanilla sheet cake with vanilla buttercream for opening of fitness centre.
  69. Martini
    Buttercream frosted martini sheet cake in hot pink, black, and white.
  70. Football
    Seattle Seahawks jersey birthday cake with boy's last name and age. Buttercream with fondant accents.
  71. Christmas Cake
    Christmas Cake
    Chocolate peppermint cake, peppermint cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache, peppermint meringues.
  72. Christmas Tree
    Christmas Tree
    Buttercream frosted sheet cake and 4 mini-cakes with fondant accents.
  73. Team Umizoomi
    Team Umizoomi
    Buttercream with fondant accents for 3rd birthday. Includes "Bot" figurine & "fondant burst" effect.
  74. "Bot" Cake Topper
    "Bot" Cake Topper
    Sugar paste "Bot" character with age of child displayed on his "belly screen".
  75. Square Superhero
    Square Superhero
    Buttercream cake with fondant accents including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, and The Hammer.
  76. Superhero!
    Buttercream frosted with printed sugar sheet fondant accents to create city skyline.
  77. Soccer
    Buttercream cake with fondant accents in black, white, and green.
  78. Soccer
    Top / back view of buttercream soccer cake with fondant accents.
  79. Giant Fall Cupcake
    Giant Fall Cupcake
    Giant smash cupcake in orange ombre with gold and white accents, fall leaves, and pumpkins.
  80. Fall Details
    Fall Details
    Sugar paste fall leaves and pumpkins.
  81. Large Ruffle Gardenia
    Large Ruffle Gardenia
    Large pink buttercream ruffles with gum paste gardenias and buds.
  82. Gardenia Cake Topper
    Gardenia Cake Topper
    Gum paste gardenia arrangement with gardenia buds and pink buds.
  83. Minnie Mouse
    Minnie Mouse
    Buttercream frosted cake with fondant Minnie Mouse face and bow.
  84. Wedding
    Two-tier white fondant cake with black fondant and royal icing detailing and red roses on top.
  85. Wedding (Top View)
    Wedding (Top View)
    Red roses cake topper on a black and white wedding cake.
  86. Moving Away
    Moving Away
    "Moving Away" round cake in coral and teal with buttercream petal effect.
  87. Baby Shower
    Baby Shower
    2-tier yellow and aqua cake with buttercream rosettes.
  88. Float Plane
    Float Plane
    Buttercream cake with a gum paste float plane, dock, and trees.
  89. Floral Sheet Cake
    Floral Sheet Cake
    Sheet cake with buttercream flower accents in white, pinks, and lavenders.
  90. Buttercream Flowers
    Buttercream Flowers
    Buttercream flowers in white, pinks, and lavenders.
  91. Elephant Baby Shower
    Elephant Baby Shower
    2-tier buttercream cake with fondant chevron accents and gum paste elephant figurine with balloon.
  92. Baby
    Gender neutral baby shower sheet cake.
  93. Buttercream Rosette
    Buttercream Rosette
    2-layer buttercream rosette cake in vintage pink.
  94. Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades
    Sculpted, fondant covered Ace of Spades Champagne bottle with airbrushing.
  95. Ace of Spades Logo
    Ace of Spades Logo
    Close view of Ace of Spades logo.
  96. Roses & Butterflies
    Roses & Butterflies
    Black, white, & lilac 2-tiered buttercream cake with gum paste roses and butterflies.
  97. Cake Topper
    Cake Topper
    Black roses and lilac butterflies made with gum paste and airbrushed.
  98. Lego
    Fondant covered with white chocolate candy Legos.
  99. Princess Peach
    Princess Peach
    Buttercream with fondant accents and princess printed on frosting sheet with edible ink.
  100. Blue Ombre Rosette
    Blue Ombre Rosette
    "It's a Boy!" 3-layer buttercream cake.
  101. Train Retirement
    Train Retirement
    Buttercream sheet cake with fondant accents and gum paste figurine.
  102. Steam Engine Topper
    Steam Engine Topper
    Gum paste figurine.
  103. Fireman Theme
    Fireman Theme
    Fondant covered with gum paste figurines. Adapted from a cake from "Cakes by Dusty".
  104. Fire Dog Topper
    Fire Dog Topper
    Gum paste figurine.
  105. Ice Age Anniversary
    Ice Age Anniversary
    Fondant covered with airbrushing and gum paste figurine.
  106. TMNT
    Buttercream with fondant accents.
  107. Disney Planes
    Disney Planes
    Fire & Rescue 2-tier buttercream cake with fondant accents, airbrushing, and gum paste figurine.
  108. Dusty Cake Topper
    Dusty Cake Topper
    Gum paste figurine.
  109. Wall-E
    Buttercream with fondant accents.
  110. Little Miss Sunshine
    Little Miss Sunshine
    Buttercream with fondant accents and gum paste figurine for little girl's 1st birthday.
  111. Little Miss Topper
    Little Miss Topper
    Gum paste figurine.
  112. Sesame Street
    Sesame Street
    2-tier buttercream cake with fondant accents and gum paste bow for 2nd birthday.
  113. Coral Ombre Rosette
    Coral Ombre Rosette
    3-layer buttercream cake for girl baby shower.
  114. Baby Shower Present
    Baby Shower Present
    Fondant covered present cake for boy baby shower.
  115. Bridal Shower
    Bridal Shower
    Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme fondant covered cake and mini-cakes with matching cupcakes.
  116. Mini Cakes
    Mini Cakes
    Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower theme.
  117. Painted Owl
    Painted Owl
    Fondant covered cake with hand-painted design.
  118. Giant Cupcake
    Giant Cupcake
    Buttercream flowers, white chocolate cupcake liner and gum paste bow.
  119. 40th Birthday
    40th Birthday
    2-tiered fondant covered cake with fondant "starburst" effect and quilting effect.
  120. Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2-tiered buttercream cake with fondant accents.
  121. Girlie Owl
    Girlie Owl
    Piped buttercream with fondant accents.
  122. Girlie Owl
    Girlie Owl
    Cake with matching cupcakes.
  123. Teal Ombre Rosette
    Teal Ombre Rosette
    3-layer buttercream cake.
  124. Teal Ombre Rosette
    Teal Ombre Rosette
    Cut view.
  125. Rainbow Petal
    Rainbow Petal
    Buttercream petal effect smash cake in pastel colours made to accompany unicorn cake.
  126. Sofia the First
    Sofia the First
    2-tier buttercream cake with ombre purple rosettes, picture of Sofia, crown, and glitter cardstock topper.
  127. Elegant 20th
    Elegant 20th
    2-tier fondant covered birthday cake. Top tier is light pink, bottom tier is white with black and gold stripes, 3D gold detailing.
  128. Champagne Bottle
    Champagne Bottle
    2 ft. high gold Champagne Bottle cake to celebrate a 60th birthday. Modeled after Ace of Spades Champagne bottle.
  129. Rustic Bird's Nest
    Rustic Bird's Nest
    2 tier cake with rustic buttercream effect in dusty rose and peach, with a chocolate nest topper.
  130. Rustic Floral Smash
    Rustic Floral Smash
    Smash cake to match the Rustic Bird's Nest cake with buttercream flowers, leaves, and pine cones.
  131. Flower Wreath
    Flower Wreath
    2 tier flower cake with rustic effect buttercream and assorted flowers in pink, cream, grey/black accents.
  132. Thomas
    2 tier fondant covered Thomas cake with 3D fondant balloon accents.
  133. NERF
    Fondant covered NERF cake with 3D dart accents.
  134. PAW Patrol
    PAW Patrol
    Fondant covered PAW Patrol cake with toy figurines.
  135. Beauty & the Beast
    Beauty & the Beast
    3 tier fondant covered cake with crown topper. Picture of Belle, stained glass effect, sugar paste rose and bow.
  136. Game of Thrones
    Game of Thrones
    Fondant covered GOT cake with metallic colours and Iron Throne topper.
  137. PAW Patrol Girl
    PAW Patrol Girl
    2-tier buttercream cake in pink, teal, and purple with Skye and Everest characters.
  138. PAW Patrol
    PAW Patrol
    6" round fondant covered cake with edible crest.
  139. PAW Patrol Lookout
    PAW Patrol Lookout
    2-tier fondant covered cake with Lookout topper.
  140. PAW Patrol Lookout
    PAW Patrol Lookout
    Character details on bottom tier of Lookout cake: Rubble, Chase, Zuma, Ryder, Rocky, and Marshall.
  141. Minion
    3D sculpted, fondant-covered Minion cake.
  142. "Girl" Superhero
    "Girl" Superhero
    Colours of pink, purple, yellow, blue, and black. Inclues Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman.
  143. Sports
    2-tier fondant covered sports cake includes ice hockey, basketball, football, and a mini baseball cake topper.
  144. Birdcage
    Flower, butterfly, and vine accents in colours of aqua, pink, white, and gold.
  145. Watercolour
    Round buttercream cake in blue, green, white, & black. Blending of colours gives watercolour effect.
  146. Ice Hockey
    Ice Hockey
    Fondant covered sheet cake with Pittsburgh Penguins theme and sugar paste hockey nets.
  147. Giant Cupcake 50th
    Giant Cupcake 50th
    Cupcake display with giant cupcake on top in black, white, and gold.