Cupcake Bouquets

Cake Pops

Painted Cookies


  1. Paw Patrol
    Paw Patrol
    Cupcakes with printed fondant toppers. Includes Chase, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Marshall, & Skye.
  2. Superhero!
    Printed edible sugar sheet fondant toppers.
  3. Monster Truck
    Monster Truck
    Confetti cupcake with Rice Krispie treat tire topper - cut view.
  4. Monster Truck
    Monster Truck
    Cupcakes with Rice Krispie treat tire covered in fondant and racing car flag pick.
  5. Classic
    CREAMY CARROT - Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon cream cheese filling.
  6. Screw You 42!
    Screw You 42!
    42nd birthday cupcakes with edible chocolate screws.
  7. Bridal Shower
    Bridal Shower
    Breakfast at Tiffany's theme cupcakes made to match cake and mini-cakes.
  8. Classic
    LEMON DREAM - Lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting and lemon curd filling.
  9. Hallowe'en
    Mini ghost cupcakes.
  10. Elmo
    Buttercream "fur" with fondant eyes, nose, and mouth. Made to match Elmo face cookies.
  11. Easter
    Easter eggs in grass.
  12. Flame
    Flame cupcakes made to match fireman/firetruck theme party.
  13. Easter
    Cut view: tie-dye cake.
  14. Baby Boy
    Baby Boy
    Brown, baby blue, white, and silver cupcakes. This one has a fondant baby in a blanket with the baby's initials.
  15. Baby Boy
    Baby Boy
    Brown, white, baby blue, and silver cupcakes with fondant pacifier toppers.
  16. Lego
    Lego man cupcake with fondant Lego man topper.
  17. Lego
    Lego block cupcakes with red, blue, green, and yellow white chocolate Lego block toppers.
  18. Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse theme cupcakes with cocoa fondant ears.
  19. Nautical
    Nautical theme mini-cupcakes made to match cookies. Fondant flags and buoys and white chocolate anchors.
  20. 3rd Birthday
    3rd Birthday
    Decorated cupcake made to accompany TMNT cake.
  21. Batman
    Cupcake with fondant Batman topper.
  22. Tea Party
    Tea Party
    Pink buttercream flowers for a little girl's tea party.
  23. Monet
    Claude Monet inspired cupcakes; variety of buttercream flowers.
  24. Fall Pumpkins
    Fall Pumpkins
    Fall cupcakes in gold foil liners with sugar paste pumpkin toppers.
  25. Halloween Candy Corn
    Halloween Candy Corn
    Candy corn cupcake. Yellow, orange, and white cupcake with a candy corn topper.
  26. Minion
    Minion cupcakes with Funpix toppers by Wilton.
  27. Confetti Cupcake
    Confetti Cupcake
    Confetti Minion cupcake - cut view.
  28. Classic
    MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN - Chocolate cake with PB buttercream and a Reese PB Cup surprise inside!
  29. Classic
    TROPICAL LEMON - Lemon cake with coconut buttercream and lemon curd filling.
  30. Classic
    CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY RENDEZVOUS - Chocolate cake, raspberry buttercream, chocolate ganache filling.
  31. Diggers & Dumpers
    Diggers & Dumpers
    Cupcakes dusted with Oreo cookie baking crumbs and topped with fondant covered Rice Krispie treats.
  32. Bubbly Rubber Duckie
    Bubbly Rubber Duckie
    Blue, white, and yellow cupcakes. Fondant rubber ducky and round candy for bubble effect.
  33. Butterfly Baby Shower
    Butterfly Baby Shower
    Baby Girl Shower cupcakes in gold, white, and pink. Airbrushed fondant butterflies and small heart gold flakes.
  34. Golf
    White chocolate golf ball topper and fondant golf tee.
  35. Thank-You Teacher
    Thank-You Teacher
    Teacher cupcakes with fondant toppers; apples, chalk board, crayons, and desk.
  36. Mini Variety
    Mini Variety
    Variety of mini cupcakes in light pink, red, and white with sprinkles.
  37. Shopkins
    Cupcakes made to accompany "Wishes" Shopkins cake.
  38. Finding Dory / Nemo
    Finding Dory / Nemo
    Cupcakes with royal icing Dory and Nemo toppers.
  39. Firetruck
    "Flame" buttercream with chocolate toppers including fireman hats, hydrants, firetrucks, and crests.
  40. Mini Lego
    Mini Lego
    Mini cupcakes with blue, red, and green buttercream and a yellow, white chocolate Lego block topper.
  41. #4 Pull-Apart
    #4 Pull-Apart
    Red pull-apart cupcake cake in the shape of #4.
  42. Autumn-Inspired
    Autumn Spice, Creamy Carrot, Spiced Vanilla-Maple, & Chocolate Pumpkin.
  43. Mini Variety
    Mini Variety
    Blue, red, green, and yellow mini cupcakes with sprinkles.
  44. Floral
    Pink and white cupcakes made to match a giant cupcake.
  45. Little Lamb
    Little Lamb
    Assorted cupcakes with fondant lamb faces on a decorative board with a fence.
  46. Mini Christmas
    Mini Christmas
    Gingerbread/cinnamon, chocolate/peppermint, red velvet/cream cheese, and vanilla candy cane/vanilla.
  47. Star Wars Minis
    Star Wars Minis
    Mini cupcakes with "galaxy effect" buttercream and a Star Wars pick.
  48. Star Wars
    Star Wars
    "Galaxy effect" buttercream with Star Wars cupcake liner and pick.
  49. Mini Minecraft
    Mini Minecraft
    Fondant toppers include pig, Steve, creeper, TNT, Enderman, dog.
  50. The Masters
    The Masters
    PGA The Masters golf cupcakes with a variety of toppers.
  51. Pretty Variety
    Pretty Variety
    Variety of flavours and designs with sprinkles for a little girl's birthday supper.
  52. Superhero
    Cupcakes with Superhero fondant toppers; Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk.
  53. Moana
    Moana themed cupcakes; Moana, Maui, Hei Hei, Volcano Monster.
  54. Easter Mini
    Easter Mini
    Mini cupcakes for Easter; bunny ears, flowers, eggs.
  55. Easter Variety
    Easter Variety
    White chocolate bunny ears, flowers, eggs.
  56. Pokemon
    Variety of fondant character toppers.
  57. Pokemon
    Variety of fondant character toppers with special Charizard for birthday boy turning 6.
  58. Minion
    Blue and yellow swirl buttercream.
  59. Minion
    Yellow buttercream, blue foil liners, and Minion coloured quins.
  60. 50th for Him
    50th for Him
    50th birthday cupcakes for him in black, white, and gold with a wine and bow tie theme.
  61. Tea for Two
    Tea for Two
    Cupcakes with fondant bows, butterflies, and flowers in theme colours of white, gold, aqua, and pink.
  62. Tea for Two
    Tea for Two
    Cupcakes with fondant bows, butterflies, and flowers. Some are placed in teacups.