Cupake Bouquets

Cake Pops


Painted Cookies

  1. Easter Eggs
    Easter Eggs
    Easter coloured wet-on-wet technique egg cookies.
  2. Sweet 16
    Sweet 16
    Cupcakes, cakes, candles, hearts, and a name plaque.
  3. Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat
    Variety of cat faces. Design credit:
  4. Minecraft
    Creepers and Skeletons with airbrushed block pattern.
  5. Disney Cars
    Disney Cars
    Lightning McQueen faces, lightning bolts, tire tracks, and #5.
  6. Cute Owl
    Cute Owl
    Purple, pink, and green owl cookies.
  7. Teapot
    Teapot cookies in pink, purple, and white with stripes and polka dots.
  8. Thank You Note
    Thank You Note
    Blue thank you note cookies with flower accent.
  9. BC Lions
    BC Lions
    Footballs and BC Lions' helmets.
  10. Creepy Clown
    Creepy Clown
    Frosting / sugar sheet clown mask cookies.
  11. Diwali / 65th Birthday
    Diwali / 65th Birthday
    "Henna Art" cookies. Design credit: Sugar Bea's Custom Cookies.
  12. Unicorn
    Unicorn head with rainbow mane and shimmer airbrushing.
  13. Hair Stylist
    Hair Stylist
    Freestyle hair silhouettes, blow dryers, and hair scissors.
  14. Blue & White
    Blue & White
    Blue and white cookies for a little boy turning 2.
  15. Lego
    Various Lego man faces and Lego bricks.
  16. Firetruck
    Firetrucks, fire hydrants, fireman hats, and Dalmatians.
  17. 70th Birthday
    70th Birthday
    White, pink, and gold birthday cakes, cupcakes, and ovals.
  18. Shopkins
    "Kooky Cookie" and "D'lish Donut" characters.
  19. Thomas & Friends
    Thomas & Friends
    Thomas cookies for a child's 2nd birthday.
  20. Thomas the Train
    Thomas the Train
    Take-home Thomas cookies.
  21. Spa Party
    Spa Party
    Cookies with edible images. Graphics by Mygraphico.
  22. Shopkins
    Variety of Shopkins characters printed on edible sugar sheets.
  23. Fairy Garden
    Fairy Garden
    Flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies made to accompany a "Fairy Garden" cake.
  24. Bridal Shower
    Bridal Shower
    Wedding dresses and wedding cakes in white and light pinks.
  25. Beautiful Rustic
    Beautiful Rustic
    Rustic set including wood plank effect in browns and pinks.
  26. Rosettes
    Rosettes in spring colours with airbrushed centres.
  27. Monster Truck Thanks!
    Monster Truck Thanks!
    Take home cookies with printed edible ink sugar sheet design.
  28. Monster Truck
    Monster Truck
    Monster trucks, circles and number 4's with airbrushed patterns.
  29. Valentine's Heart
    Valentine's Heart
    Heart shaped cookie for teacher with brush embroidery technique.
  30. Boston Terrier
    Boston Terrier
    Bones, paws, dog houses, and dog face with bowtie and top hat.
  31. Paw Patrol
    Paw Patrol
    Paw Patrol theme dog bones and paws.
  32. Football
    Footballs and Seattle Seahawks helmets.
  33. Thank-You
    Thank-you cookies for Christmas.
  34. Gingerbread Men
    Gingerbread Men
    Simply decorated traditional gingerbread men for Christmas.
  35. Christmas
    Trees, candle, holly, wreath, candy cane, stockings, & snowman.
  36. Christmas Tree
    Christmas Tree
    3-D gingerbread cookie Christmas tree with royal icing decorations.
  37. Christmas
    Santa, fawn, snowman, snowflakes, Star of David, & dreidels.
  38. Soccer
    Soccer balls and fields.
  39. Fall Pumpkins
    Fall Pumpkins
    Pumpkins & number 1's in orange ombre, white, & gold.
  40. Halloween Set
    Halloween Set
    Skeletons, cats, pumpkins, moons/bats, & spider webs.
  41. Halloween Spider Web
    Halloween Spider Web
    Spider web with harry orange spider.
  42. Dinosaur
    T-Rex, Stegosaurus, dino egg, number 3, and "Roar".
  43. Tea Party
    Tea Party
    2" & 3" flowers in shades of pink for little girl's tea party.
  44. Elmo
    Elmo faces painted with glaze.
  45. Lego
    Heads; smile, laugh, wink, surprise, & with sunglasses.
  46. Wedding Wine Bottle
    Wedding Wine Bottle
    Wine bottles with edible frosting sheet labels.
  47. Anniversary
    Brush embroidery hearts, wine bottle, & wine glasses.
  48. More Fire Trucks
    More Fire Trucks
    Fire trucks, fire hydrants, and fire hats.
  49. Fire Truck
    Fire Truck
    Fire trucks, fire hydrants, and Dalmatians.
  50. Nautical
    Starfish, whales, and fish.
  51. Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse
  52. Baby Shower Girl
    Baby Shower Girl
    Teddy bears, rocking horses, and flowers.
  53. Doggie
    Doggies, bones, and numbers.
  54. Rustic Bridal Shower
    Rustic Bridal Shower
    Wedding colours of lavender and moss green, with burgundy and white accents. Includes wood effect cookies, flowers, wedding cakes, mason jars.
  55. Cupcakes
    Cupcake cookies with shimmer confetti sprinkles and cupcake papers in peach, blue, purple, and green
  56. Sword / Dagger
    Sword / Dagger
    Sword cookies on gingerbread with silver and gold shimmer airbrushing.
  57. Bridal Shower Heart
    Bridal Shower Heart
    Hearts in pastel colours of ivory, blush, and turquoise with a rose accent.
  58. Sunflower
    Sunflowers with sugar centres.
  59. Minions
    Variety of Minion characters on a white, oval background.